#PhotoFriday: Corg on the town

I had planned to write a review of Octavia Butler’s Kindred for today, but that didn’t happen! Instead, here are pictures of my cute dog.

Did you know you can take your dog to Home Depot? Well you can! My new favorite thing is to take Lexi. I can hook her up in her harness and booties so she can walk around, and when we both get tired she can ride in the cart. The staff love her and always give her a treat and some good pets.

A corgi in a shopping cart.

Lexi taking a break in Home Depot (pictured with my new Ryobi One+ drill!).


The only downside to her harness is that it’s pretty tough on my shoulders to hold her back end up for long periods of time. I’m still feeling it! After we got our new drill, we went to Starbucks so I could get an iced coffee and Lexi could get a “Puppaccino”–a small cup of whipped cream. If I give my dogs people food, it’s usually whole, unprocessed food (never grains because of allergies). Every now and then they get a special treat of ice cream or a hot dog, though. Or in this case, a Puppaccino!

A corgi eating a puppaccino

Lexi enjoying her Starbucks.

Who says disabled dogs can’t have fun? I hope you enjoy your weekend as much as Lexi enjoyed her Puppaccino!

#PhotoFriday: The Pittsburgh Zoo!

We went to the Pittsburgh Zoo last weekend. I spent most of my time there hanging out with the seal and sea lions, because they are my favorite animals. They are like sea puppies, and they even play like puppies! Here are a few photos of them. I hope they brighten your day!

A seal in the water.

I’m pretty sure this is Coolio, a rescued elephant seal pup. He has limited vision, but he still loves to play!


Seal swimming.

Here’s Coolio swimming above us. We hung out in the aquarium room a lot.


A polar bear swimming.

And here’s the polar bear! We were lucky to see him swimming. According to the fact card, he only spends about 10% of his time in the water.


Zoos do important conservation work. If you happen to be in town, check out the Pittsburgh Zoo!