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I can predict the weather

I felt the change in weather as a migraine spider-webbing its way across the right side of my skull. The storm suited my mood: impatient, unsatisfied, expectant. I have not yet developed an instinct for process, for taking joy in … Continue reading

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#Friday Reads: The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki

This is a book I’ve seen referenced often in other books. Barnes and Noble always seems to have multiple copies stocked, too. While I don’t think that reputation/availability is entirely unearned, I also don’t think this book was written for … Continue reading

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I will read more writing magazines

I used to read magazines, especially writing magazines, religiously. But life inserted itself into my perfect routines, and my subscriptions piled up, issue after issue going unread, until I eventually cancelled them all. I always feel I must read EVERY … Continue reading

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