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Me in the media:

  • October 2013: Geek Pittsburgh interviewed me about the Star Wars Reads Day II program I planned and ran at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Lawrenceville on October 7, 2013.
  • May 2012: I officially continued my literary publishing class project, Wild Age Press, into the world as a real publishing company. Read a story about Wild Age’s first book in The Northside Chronicle here: Northside writers collaborate on chapbook.
  • February 2, 2012: Bill Ectric interviewed me and two other travel writers. You can read the interview here: Intrepid Travelers.
  • March 2011: The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh interviewed me about my participation in and blogging of the 2011 Winter Read-a-Thon. Read the article here: It’s Winter…
  • December 2010: Pop City featured The Great Nanowrimo Book Drive, and my efforts to collect 3,000 books in the Pittsburg region (which I did!), in its charity section. Read about it here: Book drive has read on benefiting, creating young writers.

Readings and events:

  • March 30, 2012: I gave a public reading at the closing reception for the Speak Peace Exhibit in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • September 30, 2011: I was a featured reader at the Word Circus event at Most Wanted Fine Art Gallery in Garfield.
  • September 2010: I gave a public reading as part of City of Asylum/Pittsburgh‘s I Don’t Know What I Would Do If I Couldn’t Speak My Mind event.

2 thoughts on “News and Events

  1. I discovered Permafrost lit mag today. The first word I clicked on was “Time” which took me to your “The Time I listened to Nothing But Warren Zevon…” A very evocative read. Nicely Done. And always a pleasure to meet a fellow lore-mistress of his canon. My wife’s favorite song is “Werewolves,” so, naturally, our dog of 4.5 years had to be named Zevon. Do you own a copy of “Wanted Dead or Alive”? I heard there were only 27 copies sold. Just kidding, but not even this Zevon lore master is familiar with that one. Just yesterday I browsed through my Zevon collection. Bad Luck Streak… is vastly underrated! Best, Tom (near Eureka, CA)

    • Hi Tom! Thanks for reading my story and for your kind words. It’s always good to meet a fellow Zevon fan–sometimes it feels like there are so few of us! I love that you named your dog Zevon. I actually DO own a copy of Wanted Dead or Alive, and there are a few tracks on there that I really like (Tule’s Blues, Traveling in the Lightning, Bullet for Ramona). I totally agree about Bad Luck Streak. It’s one of my favorite Zevon albums!

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