Hello. I’m a writer of experimental and fantastical fiction living in Pittsburgh who also reads and sometimes sews. I earned an MFA at Chatham University, and my work has appeared in metazen, Psychopomp, Spittoon, and others, as well as been translated into three languages for international journals and websites. I run a small independent publishing company called Wild Age Press that puts out experimental literature in nontraditional formats.

My ultimate goal as a writer is not to just open doors, but to make the walls that separate people from dreams, ideas, truth, and each other melt away. I want to enchant you with beautiful words and stories, and transport you to new places and new realities that will inspire you and connect you to parts of yourself you thought were lost forever, and parts you never knew existed.

See for yourself if I’ve achieved this goal by checking out my work on the Writing page.

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